Speech and batteries

A friend of mine told me yes­ter­day that my speech is clearer now. I pro­nounce some con­so­nants more dis­tinctly. She was the third per­son to tell me this (with­out being asked). Inter­est­ing. I haven’t tried to speak more clearly than usual.

I’ve tried these “cochlear implant bat­ter­ies” of Ray­ovac. They are sup­posed to last longer than the usual hear­ing aid ones and they cost more, of course. I was dis­s­ap­pointed, because the CI spe­cial bat­ter­ies didn’t last three full days, while the nor­mal ones with the same pro­gramme lasted up to five days. One of my read­ers points out that the expiry date of the bat­ter­ies may be impor­tant. New bat­ter­ies expire in 2011. If I have a bat­tery which expi­ra­tion date is 2009, it means that this bat­tery has been stored two years in some mag­a­zine and its life may be sig­nif­i­cantly shorter. The gen­eral opin­ion among the CI users I have asked is that the CI bat­ter­ies are a waste of money anyway.

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