I have escaped from the big city for a few days. Here I can con­cen­trate on sounds — no cars, no peo­ple every­where. I hear birds. They are so loud! I had imag­ined this sound quite dif­fer­ently. I wouldn’t know myself what it is, I must be informed what can be heard at the moment. I can hear frogs, wind, fire, steps on var­i­ous sur­faces and what have you in the coun­try­side. Dogs bark­ing, of course. It is a low sound, but I am aware of it. I know when some­one is speak­ing. I lis­ten to the sounds from far away.

Bat­ter­ies: April 29th. P4 pro­gramme: 30th. The echo is ter­ri­ble at first and it drowns all the speech, but I’ve noticed that if I talk to some­one for a few min­utes, I get used to it.

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