My new toy

I have found a toy on a Mac­book: vir­tual piano! It is some­thing just for me. I am sit­ting with­out my hearig aid on (because of the ear­lobe irri­ta­tion) and play­ing like a child who sneaked to the room where the piano is. It is fas­ci­nat­ing. I some­times get an impres­sion that my scale of sounds got reversed: the high sounds are low for me, and the low ones are higher. I have an idea why. At the moment, with my CI I hear the high sounds much bet­ter than the low ones. With the hear­ing aids, though, if I heard some­thing loud and clear, it was low.
I have to ask some­one to test me for rel­a­tive sound fre­quency some time.
Maybe this “fre­quency rever­sal” is the cause of my dif­fi­cul­ties with syn­chro­niz­ing the sounds from the hear­ing aids and the CI, this echo I wrote about? I have no idea. Just a hypoth­e­sis.
After sev­eral min­utes of play­ing the vir­tual piano in the range I hear best with my CI I think that the sounds seem to be return­ing to their right places. I can hear/feel the sounds in the lower range a bit, but they are less clear.
Good hear­ing exer­cise.
There is a fre­quency range I can hear bilat­er­ally now. I have missed it for over two months. As I have already men­tioned, my hear­ing in the left ear isn’t worse than before the surgery, but I don’t wear the hear­ing aid there any­way. There is no place for it with the proces­sor on, and I wear the lat­ter all the time.

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