And so on.

Yes­ter­day I have changed the pro­gramme to P3, which is louder. At my work­place the win­dow is open and I hear some­times a sound sim­i­lar to the ambu­lance sirens. But my win­dow isn’t fac­ing the street. Is it pos­si­ble that I hear the ambu­lances from the next street, a few hun­dreds meters from here, behind the trees? I know that the ambu­lances fre­quently pass that way.
I hear the fin­gers rub­bing crude paper. The sound of blow­ing the nose scared me.

The hear­ing exer­cises are frus­trat­ing. It is not so bad with the hear­ing aid. But with­out it… I think that I haven’t learned to inter­pret the high sounds yet, and I don’t hear the low ones well with the CI (I feel them mainly). I hear the con­so­nants like f, sh, s. It is true that I haven’t heard them with the hear­ing aids.

Bat­ter­ies: Tuesday.

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