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Due to some prob­lems in the fam­ily I am not much in the mood for blog­ging lately. For the same rea­sons, I am a bit behind with the train­ing exercises.

What is new?
I have a new pro­gramme. As far as I under­stand, this pro­gram­ming con­sisted of mak­ing the low sounds louder. I don’t have ver­tigo any­more when I hear them, so there is time to begin the train­ing in low sounds too. I like this pro­gramme. The rustling sounds don’t dom­i­nate speech so much any­more. I could see this dom­i­na­tion on the audio­gram made before the repro­gram­ming. In most fre­quen­cies, I could hear the sounds of 35–50 dB. Only at the end of the chart, by 6 kHz, I could hear 10 dB. This is how a nor­mal per­son hears. But I had heard only the very high sounds at this level. No won­der that every­thing had sounded so strange.

I am sure now that there is at least one per­son talk­ing to whom is eas­ier. We are speak­ing Ital­ian and I can hear dis­tinctly some con­so­nants exis­tence of which I have had to guess from lipread­ing before. It is hard to say if the com­mu­ni­ca­tion with other peo­ple is eas­ier, too. It is bet­ter when there is no noise around, then I can con­cen­trate on the sounds of speech. It is eas­ier when one doesn’t talk too loud. In a few weeks I will be try­ing the ADRO sys­tem. It is sup­posed to extract and rein­force speech in noisy envi­ron­ments. We don’t know how it works. The man­u­fac­turer does not give away the tech­ni­cal details eas­ily. But it doesn’t hurt to try the pro­gramme.
I hear some of the whis­per sounds now. I had no idea how it would sound.

The hear­ing aid still makes a dif­fer­ence, but I don’t feel espe­cially con­fused now if its bat­tery dies or I don’t wear it.

A week ago, along with the repro­gram­ming, I had the word recog­ni­tion test. We all know that not much can be expected at this stage. It was just to give it a try. I had expected, how­ever, that the num­ber recog­ni­tion would be bet­ter. There is a great dif­fer­ence between my mother read­ing the num­bers, and a male voice from a CD, and I didn’t have enough time between the num­bers to think about the answer.

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