Four weeks after the switch-on

It is 4 weeks with the proces­sor on.
I begin to hear some envi­ron­men­tal sounds. Not the loud­est ones. Rustling is pretty loud. But I still don’t hear the major­ity of speech sounds. I am aware of speech, though.

Some time ago, at work, I took off my hear­ing aid because of some irri­ta­tion of the ear­lobe. I heard/felt when the girl who is sit­ting behind me was doing some­thing, mov­ing her chair, reach­ing to her back­sack. I wouldn’t have paid atten­tion to these sounds if I had my hear­ing aid on.

Just a moment ago, I have heard the buzz of my entry phone, rein­forced by the feel­ing from the left side.

Apart from rustling, things I hear best are var­i­ous “metal­lic” sounds — spoons, coins, keys.

Wednes­daythe 18th: new programming.

I have changed the bat­ter­ies on Fri­day the 13th, that is, they lasted almost a week. Per­haps it is because of the hol­i­days. the envi­ron­ment was less loud.

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