Bolero, the favourite music of Lucyna and Michael Chorost… When I lis­ten to the ver­sion I have with my hear­ing aid on, I don’t hear much at all in the first five min­utes. Then it prob­a­bly moves to the lower fre­quen­cies and I begin to hear. I think I feel (and partly hear) it with my CI all the time. I turn the hear­ing aid off to lis­ten to it once more.
It turns out that with the CI I don’t hear the first five min­utes too. I only feel some­thing. I still hear more of the music with my hear­ing aid. I won­der if it is more the mat­ter of pro­gram­ming of the proces­sor, which will be changed again in two weeks, or of the brain.

Sounds: I hear breath­ing. I hear some sounds of speech, I think there is a bit more of them. When some­one is speak­ing, I hear a kind of echo. It actu­ally makes under­stand­ing the speech more dif­fi­cult, but I think this is just my brain learn­ing to use the device. I feel odd when the bat­ter­ies sud­denly run out and I don’t have the stimulation.

Bat­ter­ies: changed today. It makes five days with one set of Ray­ovac Acoustic Spe­cial and my cur­rent programme.

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