Two months after the switch-on

I am able to fol­low the text lis­ten­ing and read­ing it simul­ta­ne­ously, even when my hear­ing aid is off. I have one book in audio and in print, and it is a good exer­cise. The book is read by the author. He speaks rather fast, but I am able to catch the most of it if I have the text before my eyes. Even when I get lost, I can some­times find the text back after some dis­tinc­tive phrase.
There is a prob­lem with these exer­cises: the level of sound. If some­thing is com­fort­able for the left, implanted ear, it is too soft for the right. If I hear well with the hear­ing aid, it is a bit too loud for the other ear.

K. told me once that after approx­i­mately two months one reaches the same level of hear­ing abil­i­ties with the implant as before with the hear­ing aids. I can agree with this. I have just begun to hear low sounds with the CI. They are strange, dif­fi­cult to dis­tin­guish, “col­or­less”, but they are there. I don’t have ver­tigo any­more, too. I sus­pect that it will be back after the next repro­gram­ming for a few hours or days. But at the moment there are no sounds in my envi­ron­ment which would cause it.

It is three months after the surgery. I still have a small area on my tongue which does not feel taste. At the moment it is a bit less than the half of the upper sur­face. The feel­ing in my left ear­lobe is slowly return­ing. The stitches’ end­ings itch some­times. I am for­get­ting that there was a surgery.

The bat­ter­ies’ ‘cal­en­dar’ has been moved to another site.

As you may have noticed from the grow­ing num­ber of posts in Pol­ish, there is a new author on the blog. Bar­tosz is 22, has got his CI a year ago and he is a good writer. He is prelin­gually deaf like me, and he has good results with his CI. Unfor­tu­nately, I can’t trans­late all his sto­ries, lack­ing the time and abil­i­ties to do this. I am going to keep trans­lat­ing mine, so please check this web­site sometimes.

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