Pulsar (English)

K. had the switch-on day yes­ter­day. I have asked him about his first expe­ri­ences some 4 hours later and he texted me:

The proces­sor was switched on, but I don’t hear much besides the sounds typ­i­cal for the inter­fer­ence noises. It is sup­posed to change with time. The mag­net part does not hold well, despite some mag­nets added. Now, after a few hours, I start to under­stand a bit (but not much) of speech, but the inter­fer­ence noises make wear­ing the proces­sor quite dif­fi­cult. In gen­eral, the clanks, cracks and squeaks con­fuse one completely.

Good luck! I won­der how it will be going and if my impres­sions would be similar.

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