Catch 22

It has been two weeks since the surgery and I am still hav­ing some prob­lems with the veins in my hand after an IV drip. I am not sure if I should worry about it, or if it is just the way things are and I should wait till it passes. I wrote an e-mail to the cen­tre with the descrip­tion of the prob­lem. I asked them to for­ward my ques­tions to a doc­tor or to give me another e-mail address to con­tact them.

I got an answer. They gave me two tele­phone num­bers I can call.

Sigh. I have been through this before. I don’t feel like a ping-pong game “I don’t talk to the phone, please answer me by e-mail” again. Here is what I had writ­ten about this then and had not trans­lated to Eng­lish yet:

Novem­ber 17th, 2006. I have asked the peo­ple at the cen­tre to con­tact me by e-mail sev­eral times. In case of fire or some­thing I gave them a tele­phone num­ber to my mother. She has texted me a moment ago: “The lady from the cen­tre calls and asks if you have a hepati­tis vac­ci­na­tion”.
Sigh. I under­stand that the major­ity of the implant patients are chil­dren. But I am not a child any­more and I really pre­fer to take care of my affairs by myself. I don’t live with my par­ents and it takes a lot of time for my mother to text every­thing to me. This ques­tion didn’t seem this urgent.

If I were able to talk to the phone, I wouldn’t have decided for this surgery at all.

Then after some exchange of e-mail mes­sages they learned to write me, but as it has turned out, not for long.

The pro­ce­dure of con­tact­ing the hard-of-hearing grown-ups is nec­es­sary, we live in an era of Inter­net and text messages.

I posted this grum­bling here in Pol­ish on Feb­ru­ary 27th and for once a blog grum­bling seemed to have some effect! Thanks, siwa. Not only have I got the addresses I have needed, but it seems that the cen­tre is cre­at­ing some con­tact pro­ce­dures at last. We will see.

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